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WHEREAS, there has been no ability to add service providers and other staff over <br />the last several years to keep up with community growth and demand for services, <br />resulting in lower qualities of service provided to the community; and <br />WHEREAS, the population of City has increased by 57 percent since 2000; and <br />WHEREAS, the area of City has increased by 32 percent since 2000; and <br />WHEREAS, Bakersfield has fewer police officers than other comparable cities, and <br />in 2016 had the third highest rate of auto thefts of any city in the United States; and <br />WHEREAS, staffing within the police department only allows for an average of 50 <br />sworn officers to be on shift at any given time within the City, which has directly affected <br />the department's ability to respond to certain types of calls for service, such as home <br />burglaries and auto thefts; and <br />WHEREAS, several non-urgent type of calls related to property crimes and quality <br />of life issues are referred to the department online reporting system and no officer <br />responds directly to the call; and <br />WHEREAS, Bakersfield has a property crime rate that is 55 percent greater than <br />comparable cities throughout the state of California; and <br />WHEREAS, with the State releasing parolees and shortening sentences, City seeks <br />to maintain and increase the levels of police protection and the number of officers on <br />local streets; and <br />WHEREAS, drug trafficking and youth violence has reached epidemic levels in our <br />region, with prisoners being released early and more and more gang members coming <br />into Bakersfield, creating the need to get more police officers and anti-drug and gang <br />teams in place to improve safety in the City; and <br />WHEREAS, the Bakersfield Fire Department is responding to 52 percent more calls <br />for service when compared to 2008 and doing so with fewer staff; and <br />WHEREAS, the community has continued to indicate that 911 police and fire <br />protection should continue to be top priorities for City, and additional funding is needed <br />to keep local fire stations open and fully staffed, to ensure that firefighters can quickly <br />respond to emergencies and save lives; and <br />WHEREAS, Bakersfield has a growing number of homeless individdals -- resources <br />are needed to enable City to partner with community-based service providers to <br />address outreach, shelter and affordable housing needs, while ensuring local business <br />districts, parks and public areas are safe and secure for everyone; and <br />WHEREAS, over 93 percent of California residents live within a community that has <br />an additional sales tax to enhance services provided by local governments. In KerQgaK e <br />County, the voters within the cities of Arvin, Delano, Ragecrest, and Wasco ham <br />U <br />OR'�rNAL . <br />