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RESOLUTION NO. 0 8 9- 1 8 <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BAKERSFIELD <br />CALLING FOR THE PLACEMENT OF A GENERAL TAX MEASURE ON THE <br />BALLOT OF THE NOVEMBER 6, 2018 GENERAL ELECTION TO ADOPT A <br />SALES TAX (TRANSACTIONS AND USE TAX); INTRODUCING AN <br />ORDINANCE ENACTING A TRANSACTIONS AND USE TAX TO BE <br />ADMINISTERED BY THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF TAX AND FEE <br />ADMINISTRATION; AND ORDERING THE SUBMITTAL OF THE ORDINANCE <br />TO THE VOTERS AT THE GENERAL ELECTION, AND DIRECTING THE CITY <br />ATTORNEY TO PREPARE AN IMPARTIAL ANALYSIS, AS WELL AS SETTING <br />PRIORITIES FOR FILING WRITTEN ARGUMENTS. <br />WHEREAS, sales tax revenues, which have been the significant source of locally <br />controlled funds available to pay for essential City of Bakersfield ("City") services, have <br />been declining due to changing consumer habits, including increased reliance on <br />internet-initiated sales; and <br />WHEREAS, City needs dependable and local sources of revenue to fund and to <br />support essential, necessary and appropriate general City services; and <br />WHEREAS, in keeping with City's fiscally -conservative, award-winning budget <br />approach, City has taken multiple actions over the past several fiscal years to keep <br />expenditures in line with declining revenues while simultaneously attempting to maintain <br />the level of basic services residents expect and deserve from City; and <br />WHEREAS, the combination of City growth, general inflationary costs, and <br />depressed revenues have created a circumstance where additional expenditure <br />reductions or revenue enhancements will be necessary to continue to align ongoing <br />expenses with available revenues; <br />WHEREAS, during the past several years the State of California has reduced or <br />taken funding from cities and may continue to do so into the foreseeable future; and <br />WHEREAS, the state of California has shifted responsibility for many programs back <br />to cities, like Bakersfield, without the necessary funds to provide the services residents <br />need and expect; and <br />WHEREAS, a local funding measure would provide a protected, local revenue <br />source to limit or prevent additional cuts to essential, necessary and appropriate <br />general City services; and <br />WHEREAS, the City Manager's budget message for the 2018-19 Proposed Budget <br />emphasized the importance of a voter -approved, locally -controlled revenue source <br />and outlined some of the direct impacts to services that are important to the community <br />if the revenue is not available; and <br />WHEREAS, City of Bakersfield has the fewest employees per 1,000 residents out&SfKFy <br />107 cities nationwide with a population of over 200,000; and <br />rvi <br />U � <br />aHlalNgL <br />