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2. The City Council hereby adopts a "no campaign contribution limit" <br />as the local limit on contributions a person may make to a candidate <br />for elective city office, and on the amount of campaign <br />contributions a candidate for elective City office may accept from <br />a person. <br />3. The campaign contribution limit established in Section 2 is intended <br />to constitute the City's campaign contribution limit for the purposes <br />of State law, such that the limit set in Government Code § 85301(d) <br />does not apply to the City. <br />4. The Council desires that this Resolution be maintained in its Council <br />Policy and Procedure Manual, Chapter 2 (Section 2.13) and be <br />effective immediately upon its adoption. <br />--------- 000 ---------- <br />HEREBY CERTIFY that the foregoing Resolution was passed and adopted <br />by the Council of the City of Bakersfield at a regular meeting thereof held on <br />MAR 121021 by the following vote: <br />COUNCIL MEMBER ARIAS, GONZALES, WEIR, SMITH, FREEMAN, GRAY, PARLIER <br />NOES: COUNCIL MEMBER ay�,&- <br />ABSTAIN: COUNCIL MEMBER u�^Q- <br />ABSENT: COUNCIL MEMBER N <br />APPROVED MAR 17 2021 <br />By 4W <br />KAREN GOH <br />Mayor <br />APPR ED AS TO F <br />By A41_ ; a <br />RGINI GENNARO <br />City Attorney <br />VG:vlg/mb/ag <br />S:\C0UNCIL\Resos\20-21 \CampaignCoWbufionReso.docx <br />JULIE DRIMAKIS <br />CITY CLERK and Ex Officio Clerk of <br />the Council of the City -of Bakersfield <br />- Page 2 of 2 Pages - <br />CRIG!h AL <br />